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Thank you for being part of our team, our continued belief is that your future matters. You are part of a well-established organisation with a strong sense of the kind of service it wishes to provide to all persons it engages with including yourself.

Please follow us on social media to get updates about the recent events taking place in the Group.

ELFY is a link not only to our eLearning portal but to a whole wealth of information about our company and the industry including our policies and procedures (QCS).

Staff benefits – your discount scheme for daily savings on your shopping as well as your leisure time. Simply put your full name (exactly as it is on the payroll slip) and your payroll number beginning with the Company name, e.g. LRH1234 (no gaps) in order to register.

In addition, on our staff benefits site, there is a link to your free employee assistance portal that will provide you with different types of personal support where it may be needed. Please do not hesitate to use it – this external service is private and confidential.

We are here for you. Your Future Matters.

If you need anything, please contact us on

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The Living Our Values Everyday (L.O.V.E) award and other, smaller gestures that we make from time to time demonstrate our wish to recognise the hard work of individuals and teams. Sharing and living our values, behaviours and beliefs means that you are part of a growing family where your future matters.
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SCC Homes Gender Pay Gap Report

LRH Homes Gender Pay Gap Report

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Please choose one of the following forms to fill in, based on the appropriate event:

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